3 mistakes you should avoid during the PTE Academic exam

by Anjani Shivam April 14, 2017

We have often seen many users, who appear for our mock tests, attempt mistakes which affect their score card. Sometimes the users end up making such deliberate mistakes which could have been prevented if they could have been more attentive. However, we at ptemocktest.com believe that our main motto is to help the candidates prevent such kind of mistake and help them score better in PTE Academic exam.

So without much ado, here are the top three mistakes that you should avoid during PTE Academic Exam.

Do not pause when the recorder starts.

If you want it one line, we can say that the recorder will stop if you have a 3 sec pause in your answer. As a result, you will score zero or very less in the PTE Academic exam. We often see candidates take a deep breathe, wait for a few seconds, and then start speaking, which is one of the main reason for a low score in the speaking section. The recorder is programmed in a way that when no recording is done in the first 3 seconds, it automatically stops recording.

Takeaway point:

Don’t wait when the record starts recording, start speaking after you see the text “recording started” Write single sentence for summarize text in writing section

We often see users right multiple sentences in the summarize subsection of PTE Academic. While the same is encouraged by many, it is important to understand that it can highly affect your marks in a negative way. Always try to write a single sentence, use connectors if needed, but do not put a full stop in between the words.

Write multiple sentences in summarize subsection of listening section

Candidates often confuse and mix the rules of summarize subsection of writing and listening section. It is important to remember that while in writing section you are advised not to use multiple sentences, in listening section you can use multiple sentences, so as to express the spoken words in a better way.

Take away point:

Try to write multiple sentences in summarize subsection of listening, so as to score better.

With these takeaway points, you can sure improve your scores by a significant margin, but never forget that you need to keep practicing so as to score better in PTE Academic.