What is the best way to prepare for PTE Academic?

by Anjani Shivam February 24, 2017

What is the best way to prepare for PTE Academic? We at ptemocktest.com have been willing to write this for a long time, but we thought of giving a wait and listening to the users. What the users are doing and what they are unable to do? How they are looking to prepare and what are the points they are missing?

The question has been always there and still exists among aspirants who are looking to prepare for PTE Academic. However many start their journey, leave in between, some don’t even bother, others practice a lot and do not involve in preparation or vice versa.

Most of the aspirants get lost in midway while preparing for the PTE. Some involve in deep research and study, while not getting efficient practice. Some look for the cheap tricks and tips, forgetting that neither is going to get the desired score. In order to maximise your score in PTE Academic, one needs to ensure that they execute and follow a test preparation cycle. Here is one such test cycle that aspirants can undertake to score better at PTE Academic.

Skill Analysis and Building

We suppose that by now you know the basics of PTE like the general rules, sections like speaking, reading, writing, and listening along with their sub-sections. What you are now looking forward to is to start your preparation and appear for the online PTE Academic Exam.

The first cycle of the test preparation involves knowing your weakness, your level of expertise and enhancing the skills likewise.

  • The very first step is that you analyse your skills and level of readiness for the PTE. You can appear for any full mock tests which provide a scorecard so that you can see your score in section as well sub-section. You can try www.ptemocktest.com as it provides complete score card upon evaluation
  • Once you have your score card, you can analyse the sections/sub sections where you have low scores as well make a list of sections that you need to focus more and sections which needs more attention on any average day. You can also take one or two mock tests to be assured of the sections where you need to work more.
  • Research and study one can find multiple numbers of free online resources through which he/she can prepare and enhance their skills. However, in case you are looking for some good to go paid materials, you can always find it on the web with personalised trainers
  • Once you are assured that you have prepared well and in an orderly manner you can move to the next stage of the preparation cycle.

Practice with Expert Evaluation

As an aspirant it is very necessary that you build up your confidence as well involve in some good practice so that you are aware of the do’s and dont’s of the PTE Academic test

  • Get involved in extensive practice on websites that provide expert feedback along with score card. Ptemocktest is one such website which provides expert feedback upon request, so as to understand the weak points and work it.
  • Once you get an expert analysis, work on the points that have been pointed out by the experts and improve them.
  • In case you feel that you need to fix too many issues in your skills, it is always recommended to take a step back and work on the first stage of the test cycle.
  • It is very necessary for you to understand that you need to be patient and follow a definite cycle without skipping any steps to score better in PTE Academic.

It is very necessary to understand that you should be really planned about the method of preparation as well as involve in an strategic manner in order to score high in PTE Academic.