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PTE Writing & Speaking FAQs

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Tips to improve PTE Academic reading Section

PTE Academic reading section is not the toughest of all the sections, yet we shouldn’t […]

Top mistakes everyone makes in PTE Academic speaking

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How to prepare for 65+ PTE Academic in a month

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Score 85+ in read aloud section with these simple handy tricks

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How To Prepare For PTE Exam?

Perfection comes from practice. If you want to see the heights, you need to climb […]

Tips to improve score in PTE Academic speaking module – part 1

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PTE Exam-Know Your PTE Scoring Pattern.

Scoring Pattern The PTE exam is scored against the Global Scale of English, giving you an accurate […]

How significant is time management in PTE Academic?

Time Management in PTE Academic Exam is very important in order to score […]