Writing requires you to produce written English in an Academic Enviornment

writing skills in pte mock test

writing for a purpose (to learn, to inform, to persuade) and writing a summary

using words and phrases appropriate to the context and using correct grammar and correct mechanics

organizing sentences and paragraphs in a logical way

Summarize Written text is a short-answer writing item type. It tests your ability to comprehend, analyze and combine information from a reading passage, and then summarize the key points in writing.It assesses both writing and reading skills

Write essay is a long-answer writing item type. It tests your ability to write a perssuasive or argumentative essay on a given topic.It assesses wrting skills.

pte mock test writing item type

Want to analyze your skills for PTE


Consider carefully on your purpose for writing, for example, to give information, or to persude your readers to do something and on the topics you want to cover.Make notes of the key ideas you want to include.

Draft your text, referring to the plan you have made. Aim to write quickly, expressing your ideasas best as you can.At this stage, try not to spend a lot of time composing each seperate sentence.

Review what you have written.Try to put yourself in the position of your readers, and mark any expression or points which you feel are unclear, or could be improved.Make changes and review again. Check grammar, spelling and pronunciation, and make corrections where necessary.