How to take the mock test?

what kind of mocktest do you offer?

ptemocktest.com offer real simulated pte mock test comprising of all four section reading, speaking, listening & writing. Currently, we offer 7 full mock test.

are your mock tests scored? how long does it take to get a score card?

Yes, all our mock tests are scored. You will get the score card in 24 hrs after attempting the mock test.

i am not able to see the mock test. where can i find the mock tests?

You can access the mock test after logging to your user dashboard. You can follow the follow steps to take the mock test.

[1] Click on the given link https://www.ptemocktest.com/pte/signup to signup.

[2] Upon sign up you will receive an activation mail on your registered mail id. Click on activate to go to user dashboard.

[3] Once you are in your user dashboard, click on take test–> take complete test.

[4] You can access the mock test from the section and give it as per convenience.

When will i get my scorecard?

where will i get my score card?

Once your scorecard is ready, you will be notified on your email id. Upon which you can access it in the test analysis section of your dashboard after logging.

what is the time validity of the mock test after i buy it?

There is no time validity of the mock test, once you buy it you can give it whenever you wish.

do i need to have a minimum system requirement to take the mock test?

Although there is no such minimum requirement, but we advise the aspirants to use a proper mic and google chrome as a browser for the best experience.

How can we buy the mock test?

can i take mock test 7 instead of mock test 1?

Yes you can, but please remember that the mock tests are arranged in order of their difficulty in increasing order, hence it is always recommended to start from mock test 1

i am an indian user, can i pay in inr?

Yes, sure we have two payment system one for International users using PayPal and other for Indian users using Indian currency

is practicing your 7 mock tests enough for appearing in pte?

If you have prepared well, these 7 mock tests are sufficient to get the desired score. We have seen users, just use these mock tests for practice and score better at PTE Academic.

Other General Questions

do you have any free mock test to check how your website works?

Yes, we do offer 20 odd questions mock test along with score card to our users to understand how the system works. However, to get the accurate score card, you will have to take the paid tests.

how efficient is your scoring system?

If the views of our users are taken into consideration, we have a very efficient scoring system, with a maximum difference of 4-5 marks, more or less than the real PTE Academic exam.

my question/query is still unanswered? how can i get my queries cleared?

We understand that sometimes we might miss on your query. That is why we have an excellent live support to help you understand your queries. our live support is available between 10:30 AM – 5:30 PM IST. Incase the support is offline you can always reach us at info@ptemocktest.com