How a non native speaker cleared PTE exam with an effective strategy

by Anjani Shivam June 14, 2017

It was just an average day for us at, our whole team of experts, developers, customer representative were busy in making the day for our customers & PTE aspirants.

However, we had something great in store for us when one of our users contacted our support. The user told us she just wanted to thank us for the score card and the complete system that we have developed for our users and is glad that she used our website as it not only helped her understand her the PTE exam but also helped her clear the PTE exam in the very first attempt.

As overwhelmed we were we thought to write a story about how one of our users cleared the PTE exam in the very first attempt. In an exclusive interview with the user, we asked her about her journey for the PTE exam and how she succeeded:

ptemocktest team:

So Sonia[name changed], how did your begun your journey for qualifying in PTE exam?


PTE was a tough challenge for me. I started its preparation in the month of March, and with a bit of essential preparation, I bought the gold package of two mock tests from the Pearson website. I gave one mock test at the end of March and was shocked to see my low score.

ptemocktest team:

Upon learning that you are getting a low score, what did you decide and what was your strategy?


The immediate decision I took was that I need to understand the entire pattern and become an expert. I decided to involve myself in constant PTE practice to score better. I started searching for website and software that can provide me a score card after submitting my answers. I read about your website and saw many people talking about your website. So, I thought to give it a try. I started with mock test one, and I scored 55 overall. It was a low score, but I decided to work on my skills and give the mock tests again and again.

I remember a self-confidence building up after every mock test I gave, slowly I was scoring better and better. I repeated the process, I gave the mock test, analyzed my score, worked on the section where I have scored low and again took the mock test. I continued the process till the seventh mock test.

ptemocktest team:

How helpful was the strategy that you used for the preparation?


I can say that I am very much proud of going through this strategy. You see the final mock test that I gave through your website, after getting the scorecard, I thought that I was ready for the PTE exam and I went for it. At the end, i cleared with flying colors and what was even more surprising that the score on my last PTE mock test matched the score of PTE exam.

ptemocktest team:

How did help in your success?


There are many ways in which pushed it for me. The very first thing is it’s cheap, so even after taking seven mock tests, it didn’t burn a hole in my pocket. You have a very effective scorecard deliverance scheduling. I knew that I would get my score card in 24 hrs after I give the test, and it helped me manage my time. I believe that the tests helped me as their difficulty increased as moved from the mock test and the question quality was excellent and to be very honest I feel, that tests from your site are far better than Pearson’s mock test. As the last score from site matched my score in actual PTE exam.

Sonia, once again congratulations on your recent success and we are glad to be a part of your journey.

With that last note we signed off with Sonia, but we at are real proud and would love to hear from you on how we helped you score better. If you have a story to share with us, write to us at and get assured gifts from us.

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