How significant is time management in Pte Academic exam?

by Anjani Shivam Feb 02, 2018

While giving all PTE mock tests/PTE exams, you as an aspirant must have noticed that all the tests have pre-defined time limits. You cross the time limit you miss the questions, which you could have answered otherwise.

What is sometimes even more frustrating is that all these tests have time limits and on many occasion, you missed the question despite knowing the answer just because you ran out of time. Probably, that is why it is said: “practice makes a man perfect”. However, we are not here to discuss how you can practice Pte mock test. The question of the hour is “How significant is the time management in PTE Academic Exam?”

The idea of any test that exists is to check the efficiency of the test taker. Everyone is a learner, we all learn on daily basis; sometimes its life that teaches the lessons, sometimes its people. However, there are some who use these learnings to excel in life while there are some who fail to do so. The same applies to these tests. In order to test how efficiently a learner has learned his/her skills and how effectively he can apply them, a time limit is set on these tests. If said in a simple line:” the time parameter is set to check your application proficiency.’

Time Limit In Language Test?

Nobody would call you insane for asking “Why do we need time limit in a Language Test?” After all PTE Academic is a language test and languages are supposed to be expressive. However, one also needs to understand that the time limit is there to ensure that you are prompt and attentive. It is human nature to dismiss things that are not told with an important tag. Our expert evaluators often find mock tests where aspirants give time to one section and missing out on other sections due to lack of time. The time limit is to ensure that the same does not repeat. The time limit also ensures that you listen to the set of instructions carefully and do not take any wrong decision. This is no hidden fact that time brings pressure and under pressure, we become more responsive and often end up performing better. The time limit is like steel knife on us, which makes learn, execute and make decisions quicker with passing time.

Effective Time Management in PTE

We often see aspirants are so occupied with other aspects of PTE preparation that they often forget that understanding time management is equally important. With effective time management, you can easily secure better scores at the real PTE exam. PTE Academic exam is pretty organized when it comes to time limitation. Most of the question in PTE exam is time bound.

Here is a small round measure-up of the time allotment

PTE Speaking section is timed individually.

PTE Writing section has Essay Writing timed for 20 minutes for one essay where the Summarize Spoken Text is timed for 10 minutes for a single question.

PTE Reading section has an overall time limit of 35 – 40 minutes.

PTE Listening section has an overall time limit of 44- 56 minutes.

Now with that told, one needs to understand that it does not mean that the time limit should create stress for you. With right mind and set of practices, it can be a pretty easy job at hand.

Here are a few tips that can come handy while preparing for the PTE exam in terms of time management.

Understand the timing scenario for each section which requires loads of practice.

For the speaking section, the recording timer keeps running for individual questions, so it is necessary to keep track and remain prompt all the way from the first question.

For the writing section, make sure that you involve in loads of practice beforehand with a timer as section consists of writing an essay.

The Reading section consists of multiple questions that are varied and there would be some questions where one might face difficulties. It always recommended to practice those questions and remove your weaknesses. Don’t forget that there some questions in the Reading section that have negative marking.

The Listening section is where you need to be extra attentive as the audios won’t repeat itself. Also, in case you have missed on one audio, don’t waste time pondering over it and move to next question.

It is important to understand that time management can be perfected only with continuous practice. Thankfully, the pte mock tests online at are designed in a way that it provides all the real time scenarios as that of actual PTE exam. What makes it even better is that you get a well analyzed real scorecard that highlights the areas where you have scored less. The same can help you work on the areas where you need to improve and practice more.