How to score better in essay writing in PTE Academic

by Anjani Shivam October 27, 2017

While evaluating the mock test which many aspirants took for their online pte practice test, our experts came across many users who were completely misguided with their essay section. While some user were attempting to provide essays within 100 words, others were not able to understand the complete meaning of the topic. We often found aspirants who wrote irrelevant content in contrast to the topic.

We are writing this post to highlight the full summary and the do’s/dont’s of essay writing in PTE Academic. In our online pte practice test, we found that many users were not following the word limit. Some have written too short paragraphs, others have written a too long paragraph.


Make sure that the word limit for your essay should be strictly between 200-300 words.

With that being told, let’s move towards some important and points that aspirants missed while attempting our online pte practice test. Please make sure that you strictly follow these tips to score better in essay writing in PTE Academic.

Keep it simple! silly

We understand that you have learned enough as well as commanded over your vocabulary. However, it is very necessary to understand that more complex the sentences, more are the chances of getting errors. It is always advised to prevent any complexity, rather one should focus on keeping it logical and simple.

Keep the introduction intact

While attempting online pte practice test, we often see that aspirants are not able to clear their aspects in the beginning of the essay. It is very important that you put an intact statement in the very beginning so as to make sure that you are clear with the topic. When you keep an intact introduction, your chances of scoring will increase significantly.

Do not write irrelevant content.

It is very important for an aspirant to understand the topic. Whether it is asking a question, or asking to put in your thoughts in against or favor. You need to clear with the intention of the topic. Once decided to make sure that the content that you are adding follows the topic and you don’t write what is termed “OFF TOPIC.” Essay writing in writing a section of PTE Academic is not about writing but writing relevant content which is intact and purely based on the topic.

It is understandable that you can’t perfect it all at once, that is why our mock tests are devised in such a way that you can learn from practicing full session pte mock test, strictly based on the PTE Academic standard, which not only helps you understand your weakness but also helps you analyze your mistakes through score cards.

So make sure that you practice enough and remove your mistakes while learning every time you involve in some practice.