30 days timeline for PTE academic preparation- I

30 days timeline for PTE academic preparation- I

This post has been long due. Our users often asked us to publish a PTE preparation series based on 30 days timeline. Our experts took it as their rightful duty to bring the whole series and guided plan for you. 

This is the first step!

Before we started, we wanted to ensure that we provide you with a short summary as to what we will be including in this series. 

The below image will give you a necessary “what to do” guideline on your 30-day outline. In the coming blogs in the series, we will be taking each point and talking about them in detail as well giving you valuable information regarding the same.

We will be discussing about the necessary PTE study materials that one should use for practising. The necessity of having extensive practice. Scored PTE mock tests, unscored practice tests and the importance of section-wise mock tests.

So take a look at the below graphic to discover what you need to do before your test day.

Do not forget to leave your comments and your thoughts on what is the most important aspect in this 30-day timeline. You can also use ptemocktest.com for scored mock tests as well as unscored practice and section wise practice tests.


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