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How an effective study schedule is necessary for PTE Preparation?

Introduction An academic experience abroad is the one dream that every scholar cling on to, from the first day [...]
Anjani Shivam

Significant Updates in PTE Exam

2018 has been a great year for Pearson PTE as more and more test takers are opting for PTE exams. The Pearson [...]
Anjani Shivam

What is PTE Scored Mock Test?

PTE Scored mock test is a full-length mock test taken by the aspirants preparing for the PTE exam. The scored [...]
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How to book PTE Test? – 30 days PTE Academic Preparation

In our last post, we gave you a brief about what we are going to include in the “PTE Academic Preparatio [...]
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30 days timeline for PTE academic preparation- I

This post has been long due. Our users often asked us to publish a PTE preparation series based on 30 days tim [...]
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