Significant Updates in PTE Exam

December 27, 2018 Expert talks at ptemocktest.com

Significant Updates in PTE Exam

2018 has been a great year for Pearson PTE as more and more test takers are opting for PTE exams. The Pearson exam has been lately in news for some so-called major updates that they have brought this year. However, it is necessary to understand that like every year Pearson did make some changes, to maintain the credibility of their tests.

Yet one needs to understand that these are not some major system updates but a rather small addition of questions. In today’s post of Expert Talks, we are going to discuss in detail the updates Pearson made in 2018 and how much of it is the truth?


If we put in a line: ‘there have been more rumors than updates in the PTE exam.’  There has been no change in the overall pattern of the exam. If people go bragging about changes that talks about the change in pattern in the PTE exam; don’t fall for it.  

The sections in the PTE exam are still the same and we still have 20 sub-types or sub-section with the same order of Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening.

Addition of new questions.

Pearson has simply added new questions in the PTE exam which means that test-takers won’t be seeing the old repeated questions more often.


We have often seen test-takers talk about how their scores will be getting affected with the new updates. To be frank, there is nothing to worry about if you have done a systematic and sound preparation.

The only person who is going to suffer is the test takers who are habitual of memorizing the old repeated questions in the hope that they will get the same questions in the exam.

It is necessary to understand that memorizing the questions and answers won’t take you far; in fact, it will hamper your performance. You need to indulge in the learning process to score better.

So now that we have touched base with the basics; let’s take a deep look into the new changes in the PTE exam section wise.


Speaking – Read Aloud

The first sub-section is the ‘Read Aloud’. In this section, the only changes brought by the Pearson test are the inclusion of few more questions and some difficult words have also been included but for those individuals who prepare sincerely and systematically, it won’t be a problem, therefore, the only thing required is self-belief.

Speaking – Repeat Sentence

The second sub-section is the ‘Repeat sentence’. If put in a nutshell “Repeat Sentences have become tricker.” There is a new addition of long sentences that are difficult to follow for a new listener who is not habitual of speaking English.

You can make yourself more acquainted with score high by practicing your pronunciation as well as listening & watching English documentaries.

Speaking – Re-tell Lecture

The third sub-section is ‘Re-tell Lecture’ There are new questions that have been added to this section, here a test taker has to emphasize the content that is written as the scoring are integrated for speaking and listening sections. The question types remain the same and you can expect both audio and video as earlier.

Speaking – Describe image & Answer short questions

Describe image and ASQ hasn’t seen any major update in terms of questions. Pearson used to add questions from time to time to Describe image earlier also and they continue to do so.


The second section is the writing section which consists of both summarize written text as well as essay writing: ­­­­­

Writing – Summarize Written text

Summarize written text used to be all about using templates to score better as the questions used to repeat very often. The same is going to change now as Pearson has added some fresh questions in the PTE Exam. Repetition won’t be so frequent and you need to work on your content to score better.

Writing -Essay writing

The second sub-section is ‘Essay writing’ where new questions have been added. So, the PTE coach strongly recommends to avoid the use of templates and work on improving your writing skills. Your content will matter the most in essay writing.

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 Just like the other sections the reading section has also some new additions and consists of a new pattern of questions where knowing English grammar plays a very critical role. Therefore aspirants need to know well about grammar usage as well as the fast techniques to complete this section.


Summarize Spoken Text

Summarize Spoken text is similar to the Summarize Written Text. The only difference is that you will hear an audio for the Summarize Spoken Text. Once the audio comes to an end, you have to draft the answer within 50-70 words.

Again the problem is for test takers who tend to cram the repeated questions.

Write From Dictation

The second sub-section deals with the fast understanding of the test taker to be able to write as said in audios they hear. Here again, grammar plays an important role in scoring well. There has been some addition of new questions which is not so difficult to attempt.

We have also heard from our users that the audio speed of the recorder has increased. This can surely create some difficulties. Considering Write From Dictation is the last question of the PTE Exam, it can be a challenge to fully concentrate on it.

For scoring well in the PTE exam a test taker must learn the art of time management. Also, the writing skills should be good that you can achieve by having the perseverance to write as well as listen to different documentaries.

To develop these skills, you should do more practice with the help of test packages. You can analyze your weak areas and the loopholes with the predicted scorecard.

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