PTE Summarize Written Text Tips

by Anjani Shivam October 27, 2017

A few days back one of our users messaged to help him with the ways in which he can improve his PTE Summarize written texts section. We felt obliged and made sure that the necessary is done! While researching and talking to our experts we came across various such instances where aspirants were in real need of the PTE Summarize written text tips but were unable to find some genuine source. Hence right from our experts, we bring to you the best ways in which you can improve your score in PTE exams.

PTE Summarize Written Text Tips: Keep it simple

You should always remember that there is nothing better than simplicity. Most people lose points on the PTE Summarize Written text because they try to overdo their sentences, using big words and sentences. People think that the system will score more if I use complex sentences, however, they forget that with bigger sentences come better chances of errors. Once we saw one of our user use five commas, and two semi-colons. Prevent it at all cost if you are willing to qualify. An aspirant should never use more than three commas, and never use a semi-colon

PTE Summarize Written Text Tip: Summarize important points only

You need to understand this very loud and clear, not every point is there to explain or elaborate. Most aspirants stress themselves with the fact that they won’t be able to address every point of the paragraph in a sentence. Stop worrying, the examiners are not there to check whether you have elaborated all points, they just want to know if you have included the important point or not. The main idea is to observe and write about the sections that are important, that is all.

Whenever you are practicing just write down the key points and then describe it. This helps you isolate the key ideas. Get involved in pte practice test and practice with the same flow, you will ultimately become habitual.

PTE Summarize Written Text Tips: Proper Use of connectors

Connectors are your best aid to prevent the use of commas and grammatical mistakes and repetitions. It is often recommended that to prevent excessive use of “and” use other connectors like For, Nor, But, So, Yet etc.

Another important point that you should always keep in mind is that you don’t need to write too much to explain and elaborate. A mediocre zone of 35-40 words are more than sufficient to get you the desired results.

Dear aspirants, I hope these points help you on your journey to quality in summarize written text section. It is also true that the perfection can not be obtained in a day without any practice. That is why has a method to help you practice better. You can easily signup and test these tips on our PTE mock tests and become habitual with these aspects that can help you score better.