Tips to improve PTE Academic reading Section

by Helen Cartwright October 27, 2017

PTE Academic reading section is not the toughest of all the sections, yet we shouldn’t ever overlook it as it can be a fatal mistake.We got a number of request from our users as well as other PTE aspirants to write about how they can excel in the fill in the blanks item types in reading section.

In this article we are going to talk about all that is necessary as well as share the necessary resources that can help you in the reading section

PTE Academic Reading Section : Fill in the blanks

Scoring Method : 1 each correctly completed blank

0 marks for wrong or incomplete blank

Tips and techniques for scoring in PTE Academic reading section

  • An aspirant should always try to find out the main idea asap and then start answering
  • One should always try to answer all the questions, don’t leave anything blank. You are not going to get a negative marking for a wrong one.
  • Always and always focus on the parts of speech used before and after the blank, it can really help you find the missing word
  • Learn the use of collocation as it can be a great help in getting the right answers in least time.

Now that we have given you some common tips that are sufficient enough to get you a validated score at PTE Academic reading. Let us provide you some materials and sources that you can use to improve your skills for the PTE Academic reading. Use them wisely and remember Prepare, Practice and Perform.

Exercise Collocation

Collocation is one aspect which can not only differentiate between a native speaker and non-native speaker, but it also enhances your chances to qualify.

Method to download the files–> click on the link–> click on the image on the new page and download the resource

You can find a list of collocation and download it from here.

AcademicCollocationList from

Practice Reading Comprehension

It sounds very easy when we say catch the main idea or plot of the paragraph and then fill in the answers, however, it is not so easy when attempted. You need to put in a lot of practice so as to ensure that you get the whole concept and can execute it smoothly in the PTE Academic Exam. We at are also coming with questions based on each section which you can practice and get an expert evaluation on the same. The questions along with the sections will updated in a week and would be notified to all our signed up users.

Review Grammar for PTE Academic Reading

We understand and appreciate that you have a command over grammar including tenses, verb and how to use adjective at the right place. However, the important thing is that you need to have a sound knowledge to be able to qualify in PTE Academic Reading section and hence it is strongly advised to revise your grammar skills thoroughly.

You can use this pdf book as a very good source for enhancing the skills and making it better.

Cambridge-University-Press-English-Advanced-Grammar-In-Use on

Improve your vocabulary

It is very important and necessary to improve your vocabulary list before you take on PTE Academic test. You need to make sure that you have enough words in your dictionary so that you can understand the characteristics of words within the glimpse. We are sharing here a very vast resource of vocabulary that is used across almost all English tests.

Vocabulary list for PTE Academic

So in the end practice hard, use the tips and resources and yes dont forget to practice our mock tests so as to get a better result and insight on your score card.

If you have some queries or want us to publish more resources related to specific section dont forget to comment down below and we will publish an article based on your queries.