Tips to improve score in PTE Academic speaking module – part 1

by Anjani Shivam October 27, 2017

PTE Academic speaking module is by many feared as a big hindrance in scoring a 65+ in PTE exams. Now let us be clear on the thought that scoring a 65+ in PTE exams is pretty easy even if you prepare for a week, but enhancing oral fluency and pronunciation is definitely not. One can not also put away the fact that online PTE exam is a computer based exam and being a human one can always have an edge upon it. Now one should also know that the PTE academic speaking module can not summarize in one post, that is why the post has been two parts for better flow of information.


PTE Academic speaking module is divided into 5 sections. It should be also noted that through the section you are examined on the basis of your oral fluency and pronunciation with a scaling done on the following scores.

5 – Native-like

4 – Advanced

3 – Good

2 – Intermediate

1 – Intrusive

0 – NonEnglish

Read Aloud

Read Aloud is the first subsection of PTE Academic Speaking module. The main aim of the subsection is to check how fluent you are along with your pronunciation skills.

Here are a few things that you should always keep in mind while attempting question-related to reading aloud section

  • While giving a PTE Academic speaking module, raising your pitch on contrast words and lowering your pitch at the end of a given sentence can get your good score in the section.
  • While giving the test, make sure do not spot speaking, even if you realize that your last word was mispronounced or misspell.
  • Do not run! You are given ample time to go through a sentence in your mind and then read it, doing so enables a good flow of words.
  • If you think you are afraid of the tongue- twisters, make sure you practice a hundred tongue twisters in a span of two days.


Every mistake in terms of omission, replacement or insertion of a word is counted as an error and simultaneous deduction is done.

Tips for the day

As a PTE aspirant, one should try to check his skills with basic level first. I highly recommend this video which can give a better picture regarding how you can improve your pronunciation.