PTE Preparation : How much preparation time do i really need?

March 6, 2019 How An Effective Study Schedule Is Necessary For PTE Preparation?

PTE Preparation : How much preparation time do i really need?

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Without a proper PTE preparation plan, it’s very unlikely that you will succeed in PTE Exam.

Hi, My name is Maitrayee Shree, I am a content stratgist at ptemocktest.com. You must be seeing my name as the author of blogs over here. Now the reason why i am introducing myself is because just like everyone else I went through a similar journey for clearing PTE. The path was not easy but it was definitely informative and in this blog I am going to share how I aced the PTE Academic with a clear  PTE Preparation plan.

One thing I have understood over all these years is that different individuals have different skill sets. So if you are Sam from Australia or Raj from India or Patrice from New Zealand; you all would be having different proficiency level in English. Simultaneously; each would require a different set of preparation time to clear PTE.

Factors that determine your PTE preparation time

It won’t be rocket science to determine how much time you need to prepare for the PTE Exam. We call it the three [H] Q’s. It’s basically based on three factors:

  1. How much you are looking to score?
  2. How much time you have?
  3. If you have attempted PTE before, how much you scored?

Now consider my scenario; when I was preparing for PTE, I required a minimum 79 score for my PR application. I also knew that I have near about two months time to give the exam. So that answered the questions asked in the first two points. 

Now I needed to understand how much I can score currently or at least to get an overview. 

So I took one of the PTE Practice Tests and my overall score were 58 (i scored relatively low in Listening) which is very low as compared to my target score.

Now I had answers to all the three points and all I had to do was to devise a plan for PTE preparation. I would also like to inform you all that I considered myself a slow learner. So here is a four weeks plan that I devised for myself, to begin with the preparation.

PTE Preparation

After four weeks I appeared for the exam, unfortunately, I got an overall score of 71. I missed by 8 marks. Now if I look at it here are the mistakes I made during my preparation 

  • I became an information hoarder: I watched a lot of YouTube videos on PTE which not only ate up a lot of my time but different videos gave different information and it all became a big pile of messy information. 

My lesson: Don’t watch too many youtube videos. Not all of them provide the correct information.

  • I lacked guided support or an expert: If I put in one line I needed a coach who could help me understand in first place with a simple explanation based on their expertise. 

My lesson: Even today I see many of our test takers to be a second or third-time aspirant. I give them simple advice don’t waste your time and money. Get a coach and go for it in the first attempt.

  • I didn’t follow the feedback provided in PTE Mock Test: Whenever I attempted the PTE Scored Mock Test, my results came with a series of feedback on all the task types. The problem was I didn’t take them seriously. 

My lesson: Always follow the feedback provided in your scored mock tests. They can be really helpful in getting you the desired score.

My Second PTE Preparation plan 

With all said and done, I had one month left to prepare for PTE and here is how I went about it.


With the above PTE Preparation plan, and after a two days break. I appeared for my PTE Test. To be truthful, it was no surprise to me when the score came in. I scored overall 85 with a perfect 90 in Speaking & Listening. Here is what I learnt from the second preparation plan :

  • I spent nearly two hours every day for 20 days and then nearly four hours for the rest of the days. If you are serious about clearing PTE, you have to show the effort. 
  • A PTE Coach can be a great asset if you listen to him/her. It also removes the need to search for content and other materials if you have one.

It is very important that your Preparation time is focused, and you should not plan it in the hope of a miracle or you will clear it in next attempt. Go all out in your first attempt and if  you want to achieve a 79; aim for a perfect 90.

The PTE Preparation System that will work for you

Why do you think a website like ours exist? Why do thousands of test-takers use it every day? That’s because we have the “mantra” for PTE Success. Every package that you choose brings you closer to your perfect PTE Score. Our learning cycle is categorized into two systems :

  1. If you opt for our PTE Mock Tests Packages.
  2. If you opt for our online PTE Classes. 

Preparation Cycle with PTE Mock Tests

  • Learn from the tutorials around the web.
  • Practice the scored mock tests.
  • Compare your answers with expert answers and improve.
  • Closely follow the feedback given for each task type and improve upon them.
  • Do more practice with the scored mock tests.
  • Apply for Speaking & Writing Feedback and attempt more tests until you are scoring the desired marks.

pte preparation pte mock test cycle

Preparation Cycle with Online PTE Coaching

Having a coach to guide really is a game-changer for your PTE Preparation. Here is how your preparation cycle will be executed :

  • Attend task-based lectures on a daily basis with PTE Coach.
  • Utilise the assigned mock tests and practice tests on a daily basis.
  • Raise your queries related to task types with the coach in the next class.
  • Practice all the Scored Mock Tests with Feedback and get ready for the exam.

pte preparation - online pte coaching

It is important that the time you allot during your PTE Preparation decides your scores in the exam. It has to be a systematic approach aimed/focused on getting the desired score. 

So set your target and keep them realistic while at your PTE preparation. There will be difficulties, but nothing too insurmountable. Adhere to the study plan and don’t let anything deter you. Follow through with the strategies and nothing can stop you from securing a soaring score at the PTE examination.


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