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Inhouse developed mock tests

We believe in helping the PTE candidates with our full potential. That is why we made sure to bring unique, quality mock tests with questions developed by in-house PTE experts ”

Quick & Efficient scorecard

Our evaluation experts make sure to deliver well evaluated score card in 24 hrs of taking the mock test. We make sure to keep the score card well evaluated and real simulation of PTE.

Automated review system

We make sure to give the users an option to review their answers. Once a user finish his/her mock test, he/she can automatically review their answers in the test analysis section.

Real simulated mock test enviornment

We at ptemocktest.com aim to bring you a mock test enviornment which coincides with the latest changes and rules of the real PTE exam.

Our simulation is always updated with any changes in the exam pattern, giving you a real simulation of the exam.

Effortless mock test procedure

With our nearly automated systems and on time scorecard notification, anyone can take the mock test from any part of the world with seamless payment,mail notification and easy access to dashboard. All you need to do is sign up and take the mock test.

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