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A Complete PTE Software solution for your traning school

Complete PTE Software Solution For Your Traning School
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PTE Partner Solution
Offer your students with industry's leading mock test solution

By partnering with ptemocktest.com, you’ll be working with a world-class product that not only provides your students with curated mock tests and scorecards but also make sure to give your organization exposure to the world.


ptemocktest.com evaluates more than 50 mock tests for its partners on an average day.

Hassle-free collaboration

ptemocktest.com is designed in such a way that it ensures minimum work for our partners.

Scale your institute with a partnership that works

Whether you are a freelance trainer or running an institute, we offer curated and customized mock tests as per your need. Once you become a partner, we also offer curated exposure and advertisement options on our website free of cost.

Discount Coupons

We make sure to offer the mock test at discounted prices for our partner institutes.

Advertisement Options

We provide our partner with direct advertisement options on our website for free of cost.

Our partners witnessed a
57% increase
in their student's result with our mock tests.

Come be a part of a community overflowing with opportunity

ptemocktest.com is a globally known organization. Have a look at how thousands of candidates and hundreds of institutes accelerated their performance through ptemocktest.com

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"For a PTE training institute, the ptemocktest.com partner collaboration program offers the complete experience. It not only offers an effective mock test with scorecards, which makes me find my student's mistakes. It also offers a unique advertisement experience for my institute."

Gagan Singh
Founder, PTE Trainers
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