ptemocktest.com is your tool to understand and get acquainted with the patterns of PTE exam.

The website is aimed at providing PTE practice test online with score as well a real experience of the actual PTE Exam.

With our scored mock tests, practice tests and section wise tests, you can easily anticipate your score in the actual PTE Exam. You can also check your skills for various task types and enabling skills. The PTE MOCK TEST designed in the portal involves you through well-measured sections of listening, reading, writing and speaking.

Being an industry leader for PTE practice test online with score, ptemocktest.com boasts of more than 42 full length mock tests which are updated on a bi-weekly basis. Our mock tests & scorecards help you understand where you stand before taking the actual PTE Exam

PTE Mock Tests

Full length PTE mock tests curated with help of best native speaking PTE trainers

Real test environment

Our test simulations use the exact same pattern as in the actual PTE Exam

Effective time management

Get acquinted to real timers and learn to manage your time effectively.

ptemocktest.com's Score Guarantee

You will score higher, or we will refund the money. Get a real score like the Pearson's.

Unique features of our mock tests

Some unique features of our mock tests that make us industry leaders

Authentic Mock Tests

Authentic Mock Tests

Unique mock tests questions prepared by inhouse trainers.

Real Time Test Enviornment

Real Time Test Enviornment

Real time test environment experience to help you accustom to the difficulties in an actual exam.

Real & Quick Scorecard

Real & Quick Scorecard

Simulated score card within 24 hrs of attempting the mock tests.

Multiple Difficulty Modes

Multiple Difficulty Modes

Various difficulty modes starting from 'Beginner' to help prepare yourself for the big day.

Access On The Go

Access On The Go

Access the mock tests from anywhere on the go. All you need is an internet connectivity.

Resourceful material

Resourceful material

Curated content prepared after analysis of attempted questions.

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Improvement in my scores

"Appreciate your efforts for providing practice sessions to students and improve their scores in real exam."

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One of the best mock test

""This is one of my best mock test in the recent times. With a timely scorecard, i was really able to understand the areas where i need to improve"

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Increase in scores of my students

"It was a fantastic experience and have given a feeling of live test. I could really understand the areas where my students need to improve the score. Cheers!"

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Deep Singh PTE Trainer

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