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Our PTE Mock Test & PTE Practice Test, not only provide you a real simulation of the PTE Exam but also give you a feedback for each task type.

  • Same day AI based score card.
  • Coach feedback for each task type.
  • Expert answers for each question.
  • Individual Section Wise Test for self practice.
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Unique Features Of Our PTE Mock Test

AI Based Score Cards

Your PTE Mock Tests are evaluated by machine with score card within 18 hrs.

Free PTE Practice Tests

With every package, you get a set of separate free practice tests and section wise tests.

Expert Answers by 79+ Scorers

Each of the PTE Practice test & Section Wise test comes with expert answer for self evaluation.

Precise Score Cards

With our algorithms and machine evaluation; we provide the precise score for your PTE Mock Tests

Access On The Go

Access the PTE mock tests from anywhere on the go. All you need is an internet connectivity.

Coach Feedback For Each Task Type

For each task type you get detailed feedback regarding your mistakes and how you can improve it.

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At, we belive every test taker has their own set of skills and requirement for PTE Acadamic.
We offer:

  • Personal one to one coaching for desired score.
  • Weekly & Monthly personal PTE online coaching.
  • 7 Scored Mock Tests + 32 Section wise tests + 40 task type Tests for free.
  • Personal feedback on each section wise tests to improve your skills.
  • Latest Strategies and templates : Practice with a proven system .
  • Sharing of live sessions along with live practice with coach.
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Online PTE Training

Live Private Sessions

Get complete guidance from your coach in one to one session for each task type

Live Practice Sessions

Attempt Live PTE Practice tests with on site feedback from your PTE Coach for every question

Unlimited PTE Mock Tests For Free

Get Access to a series of PTE Mock tests, PTE practice tests and 1600+ task type questions for free of cost.

Discount on Pearson Exam

Being a Pearson Authorized Reseller, We help you attempt the PTE-A exam for a cheaper price once you opt for our classes.

Watch Your Live Sessions Anytime

Your PTE Online Coaching sessions constantly get recorded for you; so that you can watch it later also if needed.

Latest Strategies and Proven Methods

Learn the strategies and methods that has helped hundreds of user score in PTE Academic.

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