How to ace the pronunciation and oral fluency section of the PTE-A Test?


How to ace the pronunciation and oral fluency section of the PTE-A Test?

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Let’s face it, most of us, are stammerers and stutterers when it comes to oral fluency and pronunciation. Every sentence that you utter is filled with awkward pauses, “umm”, and “err”, which ultimately affects your scores.

It is ok to fumble and stammer while talking to your friends or while practicing the PTE mock test. But when it comes to the PTE exam, stammering and using an excess of filler words cooks up a perfect recipe of disaster.

Since high school, you have been nurturing the dream of going abroad to pursue your higher studies. So what you actually need to do to make that dream come true is to work hard on improving fluency and pronunciation.

To achieve soaring scores in the fluency and pronunciation score in the PTE-A test, all that you need is a handful of easy tips and tricks and the unwavering assistance of the PTE experts. So dump your fears and confusion and check out the right tips and tricks by PTE mock test.

What is Oral Fluency and Pronunciation?

Here’s a myth that does the rounds; “native English speakers are able to score more easily compared to other students.” It’s a misconception that the fluency depends upon whether you are well-informed on the subject or not. 

Oral fluency refers to the speed, flow, and accuracy of grammar in the candidate’s response. A lack of fluency occurs when you know next to nothing on the topic in question. That is when you start using filler words, and irrelevant words just for the sake of completing the task type of the PTE mock test. Ultimately leading to low scores in the Speaking section of the PTE test.

Pronunciation, on the other hand, is the natural articulation and clarity of every word in the sentence that the candidate utters during the examination. It so happens, that at times, the candidate is well aware of the subject but is unable to express his response in words. The candidate starts to struggle while speaking and this struggle becomes palpable to the examiner resulting in loss of marks.

So, how can you improve the fluency and pronunciation score in PTE mock test? Find out right now.

#Tips to consider to improve your skills

  • The PTE exam is a formal examination that requires the candidate to respond in a decent academic language. So, if you are in a habit of saying “wanna”, “gonna”, “lemme” and “whatnot”, then stop right there. Cleanse your brain out of those words and start practicing with the help of audiobooks and English News Channel.
  • Articulate your response in a normal and natural tone of voice that is perfectly audible. Make sure that your pace of speaking is optimal that is neither too fast and gibberish, nor too slow and suspicious.
  • Take good note of your stress, pauses, and intonation as these determine the substance of your speech. Vary your tone and stress on the points. Use an audio recorder to practice for this section.
  • Strictly avoid filler words. Arrange your thoughts and opinions and articulate them in short and precise sentences. Filler words ruin the fluency and pronunciation score.
  • Take your time because rushing to cite the answer results in a costly mistake. Understand the subject, organize your thoughts and ideas. Once that is done frame the answer in your mind, and then say it out loud.

So before you start your PTE Preparation. Draft a strategy for enhancing your pronunciation. We have discussed more strategies in various task types of Speaking (PTE Read Aloud) (PTE Retell Lecture); you can go through to get much clear insight. 

Finally here are some tongue twisters that you can practice. Try to use these “tongue-twisters” to improve your PTE pronunciation and oral fluency.

Tounge Twister Emphasized Words Difficulty Level
How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? wood & chuck Easy
Can you can a can as a canner can a can? can Easy
Frivolously fanciful Fannie fried fresh fish furiously f Difficult
Give papa a cup of proper coffee in a copper coffee cup. c & p Medium
A loyal warrior will rarely worry about why we rule. l & r Medium
Which witch switched the Swiss wristwatches? w, s & ch Hard
A pessimistic pest exists amidst us. s & st Medium


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