PTE Read Aloud | How To Score Better In This Task Type?

January 17, 2020 PTE Read Aloud | How to score better in PTE Read Aloud?

PTE Read Aloud | How To Score Better In This Task Type?

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PTE Read Aloud is a deceptively difficult task of the Speaking section.  PTE Exam consists of 20 task types of which read aloud is the first task type. 

Task Details of PTE Read Aloud

In PTE Read Aloud, you get 30 –  40 seconds to skim/search through the passage provided. We often call this allotted time as Search Time. You will hear a beep sound after the allotted time is over (the beep sounds like this).

You will have to speak in the mike within 40 seconds after you hear the beep sound. We often call this allotted time as Response Time. The below image gives a perfect idea about PTE Read Aloud.


How many questions are there in PTE Read Aloud?

PTE Read Aloud : number of questions

In PTE Academic, one basically gets 6-7 questions in this task type. The length of the passage can vary in terms of the number of words.

PTE Read Aloud - PTE Speaking Section


How is the scoring done in PTE Read Aloud?

PTE Speaking Read Aloud scoring is based on three criteria:

  1. Content: It is very important to understand that the marks from Content are contributed to the PTE reading section.  The insertion and omission of the word affect your marks negatively and positively. Content contributes five marks to the reading section. 
  2. Oral Fluency:  Oral Fluency contributes five marks to the PTE Speaking section.  Rhythm, phrasing & stress determines your scoring whereas repetition and hesitation negatively affect your marks.
  3. Pronunciation:  Pronunciation again contributes five marks to the speaking section. The scoring is done on the factor whether you have a native-like pronunciation or not.

How to attempt PTE Read Aloud task type?

This PTE test comes with a 35 second search time and 40 second response time. Once the task type starts, make sure to skim through the complete passage and pen down the important keywords. It is important that you self pronounce difficult words so as to avoid any kind of hesitation while reading the passage. 

  • Skim through the passage during the allotted search time.
  • Pen down the important keywords and self pronounce the difficult words.
  • Starting speaking immediately after you hear the beep sound. 
  • Avoid repetition and hesitation while you read the sentence.

Let’s take a look at the below example that gives a perfect example about how one should attempt PTE Speaking Read Aloud :

Question (Passage for Read Aloud)

Tools also have consequences. At least since the Industrial Revolution, the world of design has been dominated by the rigours of manufacturing and mass production. Assembly lines have dictated a world made of parts, framing the imagination of designers and architects who have been trained to think about their objects as assemblies of discrete parts with distinct functions.

Answer :


How To Score better in PTE Read Aloud?

While Read Aloud is a difficult task in PTE Academic, it certainly can become a scoring factor with a bit of practice and the right approach. Here are a few take away points that can help you score better in PTE.

  • Skim through the passage/textHow To Score better in PTE Read Aloud?

As discussed earlier, in read-aloud you get a 35 second search time. If you practice hard, this time is sufficient enough to go through the passage/text which is what we called skimming the text. Skimming the text will help you understand the meaning of the sentence. It will also help you figure out the difficult words as well as understand the keywords in the sentence. Speak in Your Natural VoicePTE Read Aloud -speak in your real voice


  • Speak in Your Natural Voice

PTE Read Aloud scores you on the factor whether you have a native-like fluency and pronunciation or not. It doesn’t mean that you have to try and speak with an accent. It signifies that you have to speak correctly with the right tone neither too fast nor too slow.  The end statement is that you should be just confident and speak as you do in your day to day life.

  • Focus on Fluency & PronunciationPTE Read Aloud Fluency


In PTE Read Aloud, repetitions and hesitations are a big no-no. You need to be accurate on your fluency and pronunciation to score good marks in PTE.  You have enough search time to read aloud the passage/sentence if you don’t feel confident enough. Remember never rush. Those 40 seconds are more than enough to speak the sentence and focus on your word’s pronunciation when you speak.

  • Mind the intonations

PTE Read Aloud is aimed at scoring you on the basis of fluency, intonation. While going through a passage/text you need to make sure that you take the commas, full stops and semicolons seriously. Ignoring these can adversely affect your scoring. 

Now let’s take a look at the do’s and don’ts for this PTE Speaking task type :


  • Skim through the text during the search time.
  • Pen down the important keywords.
  • Self pronounce difficult words.
  • Take care of the intonation and maintain a natural flow. 


  • The insertion of new words should be always avoided.
  • Hesitation and repetition is a big no-no.
  • If you make a mistake, don’t correct it, keep speaking forward.

Practice can do wonders for you. 

PTE Read Aloud - Practice As Much As You Can


Read Aloud is a difficult task type in the PTE Exam, but a good score can be achieved with practice. There is no alternative to good scoring in read-aloud other than loads of practice. One needs to go through at least two hundred read aloud questions before he/she should go for the exam. 

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