PTE Exam | How to Score 79+ in PTE?

December 9, 2019 How to score 79+ in PTE Exam?

PTE Exam | How to Score 79+ in PTE?

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Scoring 79+ in PTE Exam is a dream that all PTE aspirants want to achieve. Isn’t it strange how your PR Dream! the big Australian dream; the dream to travel overseas all depends on whether you score 79+ in PTE Exam. While at the same time, it is really strange to see how much we struggle to get the score.

Getting the perfect score or the dream score in PTE Exam is not only possible but easily achievable if followed with the right approach. Here are some of the important tips and strategies that you should use to score in PTE.

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Know The Pattern of PTE Exam :

Before diving into anything, it is important that you understand all the task types of PTE along with the pattern.

Weightage of marks in PTE Exam: It is no hidden fact that in PTE; all the task types are inter-related i.e the task types in the speaking section are going to affect your marks in reading and at the same time marks from your listening section will affect your writing marks. It is very important to understand the marking criterion before appearing for the exam. 

Put Extra Efforts On Task Types That Have More Weightage in PTE Exam

The PTE Exam has twenty task types divided across 4 sections. It is important that you understand each of the questions in each task type as well as understand the type of questions asked in the exam. Once you clear with the basics through online resources your first and foremost step would be involving yourself in practice.

Clear Basic Concepts like how to handle mic position, using the whiteboard and eraser. Learn to adapt yourself in a noisy environment as there are sure going to be a hell lot of students at the exam centre. Once you are clear with the basics, its time to follow your second step.

Practice Each task type of PTE Exam :

Ever heard the proverb “Practice Makes A Man Perfect”. Well, its time you put it to use. Practice as much as you can. Now you need to involve in two types of practice.

  • Grammar & Pronunciation: Ever heard of the old talks; “you need to fix your grammar”. Well, the time is now. Work on your written skills: spellings and grammar as they are very important if you want to secure a 79+. Practice your grammar and spelling mistakes by writing on your system for certain topics and re-evaluating them. You need to understand that the PTE Exam is an English exam and it requires sound grammar and spelling skills.

Put Extra Efforts On Task Types to Score Good In PTE exam

  • Pronunciation & Intonation: PTE Speaking Read Aloud is basically a task type where you have to read a given sentence. It’s basically just like reading a newspaper; the only difference is that here you have to do it in a timed environment. Work on your pronunciation. Read Newspapers daily. Listen to BBC radio. When you are traveling listen to Ted Talks. Try to understand how the speakers are putting emphasis on a given set of words. Understand the use of Intonation and their emphasis on words. If you do that for a strong 15 days; scoring in speaking in PTE Exam will be much easier for you. 


  •  PTE Mock Test Practice: PTE has 20 task types and they sure are not easy. Practicing a day before the exam or just practicing one or two tests is not a good idea if you are looking to achieve the 79+.  If words of expert coaches are taken into consideration; one must devote at least 1 hr daily to practice on a regular basis for a month before going for the exam. Don’t fall for templates; Use them but use them with a strategy. 

It is recommended to practice at least 6 scored mock tests, 12 practice tests, 40+ section-wise tests, and 80+ task types before you appear for the exam. It is also necessary that it is done in a rhythmic banner and without a break so that you could prepare in a flow for the PTE Exam.

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Luckily, we at ptemocktest.com have a set of packages that not only gives you access to all the practice materials but also comes with live classes where you can clear your doubt and score better. 

Practice is a key to Success In PTE Exam To Get 79+ score

Guided Practice – A Personal / Group PTE Coach

Your PTE Exam is a milestone which requires a lot of effort and money. You can not avoid the fact that one exam alone costs USD 187. Now, we see a lot of students give the example multiple times with a hope to clear it in that attempt. If you ask us that is not the right approach. Whenever you go for any kind of exam; you always look for guidance whether its a graduation paper or some entrance paper. You always seek a mentor/coach/expert who has already achieved the same that you are looking to achieve. It is not wrong to admit that you need a coach to clear your PTE Exam. In fact, accepting the same and getting some guidance allows you to increase your chances of clearing the exam in one attempt. 

Your 79+ target in PTE Exam shouldn’t be an ordeal but rather a stepping stone for your immigration dream. If you are facing some difficulties in some task type. or need some guidance or unable to find where you are missing out. Try and get a coach. An expert will help you understand the mistakes. At the same time, you will understand the strategies required to clear PTE Exam.

Don’t go for multiple attempts

If you are stuck at some point, take guidance, ask PTE coaches/experts. There are plenty of them around and it will only ease the PTE Journey for you. It would be much better than going for multiple attempts at PTE Exam. 

We have seen students who have given PTE Exam for 5-6 times with a hope to clear the exam. However, our coaches, found out that it was some very simple mistakes that cost them their marks in PTE. They were just not aware of it. 

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Again we at ptemocktest.com provide some great one to one PTE online coaching. The classes are one to one so there is no added disturbance and its a practice-based approach. The live classes happen with great precision and in a period where a dedicated coach is always there for you. You also get four mock tests with a score, thirty practice tests and forty task type questions for practice. 

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If you follow the above steps, scoring a 79+ in PTE won’t be an ordeal but rather a pleasant walk to success. Always remember we are always a call away. Feel free to reach us and discuss your PTE Journey. Comment below and we will feature your query in our live video. 

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