PTE Study Plan : How to prepare for PTE at home?

December 7, 2020 PTE STUDY PLAN

PTE Study Plan : How to prepare for PTE at home?

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PTE Study plan can help you get the desired score while preparing at home. Let’s face it! COVID has changed the way we used to think about life & its applications. The same goes for your preparation for PTE Exam. However, if you look at the positive side, more time at home means more time to prepare for your PTE Academic Test.

While it is true that you no longer can adhere to the traditional method of joining a training center/school, the pandemic has opened doors to new & efficient method of learning.

Today we are going to discuss how you can draft a PTE Study that can adhere to all the available resources that you can find online. However, we will first of all discuss a few points that are fundamental and need to be implemented while preparing at home.

Know Your Desired Score

We all aim for the skies, the best possible score that we can get. However, we have to be a little practical over here. Try to figure out what is your required score? Are you looking for a 79+ for PR & other similar processes or you are aiming for a 65 or so for your academic journey. Deciding your score requirements helps you prepare a plan that revolves around your target and that can yield a better result.

How much time do you need for PTE Study?

If you ask us, you should always start your PTE preparation two months before your documentation process aka the deadline. However, if the situation demands a shorter time frame; try to understand how much time you have prepared. Is it a week or a month or a few weeks? Draft your plan according to the available time frame. It is also important to keep in mind how much time can you dedicate on a daily basis. Do you have a hectic schedule or you can give a few hours easily for practice. This will ease help you in the time management of your preparation.

Know Your Current Level

PTE Academic is an English proficiency exam and just like any other exam, you need to know your current level which will help you understand where you stand. One great way to do so is to try one of the scored PTE mock tests available across the web. You can try one of the scored PTE Mock Test at ptemocktest.com and check your score along with the coach feedback that you get for each task type which will help you understand your skill level. Doing so will not only help you understand your skill level but will help you realize how much effort do you need to put in to get the desired score?

Now with that being listed, let’s talk about how you can prepare at home?

The web is your new friend.

With all the offline mediums closed, it is time to go online. Start collecting materials related to PTE Exam according to each task type and start drafting your PTE study plan. The web has a plethora of content ranging from youtube to various PTE Test portals like ours which provides each and every detail about PTE preparation at the click of a button. Here is a list of materials you should collect before starting your preparation :

  • Task Type Tests For Individual Tasks Practice
  • Scored Mock Test (Minimum 7 scored mock test for weekly practice)
  • Full-length PTE Practice Tests to understand the Pearson pattern
  • Test strategies related to PTE Exam especially related to the writing section.
  •  A tried and test PTE study plan depending upon your score requirement & time.

Once you have the given set of material you can use any of the drafted schedules to start your preparation

Dedicate your early mornings for PTE study

Rise early! Shine early. Being confined at home has an advantage. You no longer spend your early morning commuting to your work or rushing towards your schedule. Try to use those early mornings to prepare for your exam. Make a habit of dedicating at least one-two hours on daily basis to preparing for the exam with a fresh mind. The early mornings help you concentrate without fatigue or unnecessary diversion enabling you to learn better in less time.

Get An Expert Coach

One of the biggest advantages you have is that you can take online consultations or classes right from your home without any time restrictions. If you feel that you want outside guidance or you need someone to guide you through the journey. You can choose various online PTE coaching packages that come with ample materials for live practice as well as direct consultation with the coaches.  Online PTE training is probably one of the best options that you can use while preparing at home.  It gives you perfect guidance along with ample study materials that you can practice in real-time.

Get Connected

We know that we all live in a digital age and everyone has an internet connection at their home. In case you don’t have a good connection, the very first thing you should do is get a stable internet connection that can help you connect with the web. When that is done, become active on various PTE groups/platforms like Telegram, Facebook pages for constant updates on the latest things happening on PTE and as well as to connect with the people who are already preparing for PTE. Doing so will not only keep you updated but will get you connected with like-minded aspirants who are preparing for the PTE.

The COVID pandemic has brought unprecedented times, but we should always be ready with our best approach. Take it as an opportunity to prepare yourself for the exam with ease.

Good results are achieved by persistence, regularity, and a focused approach. Plan your approach, work strategically. The PTE Mock Test platform has some great offerings so as to help you clear the exam. Use them efficiently and remember always allow yourself four to five weeks of preparation time.

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