What is PTE Mock Test & How to attempt it?

December 26, 2018 Full Length PTE Mock Test

What is PTE Mock Test & How to attempt it?

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PTE Mock Test is a full length scored mock test that consists of all the four sections that are speaking, reading, writing & listening. The mock tests come with a scorecard that you can access in 18 hrs after submitting the exam. 

PTE Mock Test is often aimed at providing the same exam pattern and simulation that will be used in the real Pearson exam. The tests are designed as per the guidelines of the Pearson Test of English and effectively help the students in understanding the overall pattern of the PTE Exam.

Every PTE Aspirant at one point does need PTE Mock Test, but at the same, they try to understand 

How PTE Mock Test is Beneficial for them?

PTE Exam is often very new to the aspirants and it requires a lot of practice before you can sit for the real exam. The mock tests provide a lot of scenarios where you can understand, practice and improve your skills.

  • Real-time Scenario

PTE Mock Tests are designed as per the latest pattern of the real PTE Exam which gives you a complete familiarity with the real exam. The questions used in various sections like speaking, writing, reading & listening prepares you with each task type. Don’t forget that the mock tests use the same timer method as used in the real exam; which provides a complete real-time scenario.

  • Complete Scorecard with enabling skills

When you complete a PTE Mock Test, you get a complete scorecard in 18 hours. The scorecard gives a complete description of your scores in Speaking, Writing, Reading & Listening along with enabling skills. The scorecard can help understand your skills and the sections in which you need improvement.

For example: In the below scorecard generated for one of our mock tests, you can see that the student has an overall mark of 71 while his section-wise marks are 

Speaking: 84

Writing: 64

Reading: 63

Listening: 74

It is clear from the scorecard that while the student is excellent in speaking and good in writing; he is certainly lagging in writing and reading.

pte mock test scorecard

The scorecard includes the marks for enabling skills which is comparatively the same as done in the real Pearson exam.

The marks in enabling skills, help you understand which part you need to work on. 

For example, in the above scorecard, the student has scored 60 in grammar which signifies he/she needs to work on their grammar skills to score better.

  • Review your answers

The complete PTE Mock Test gives you a good opportunity to compare your current answers to the previous answers which will help you in alleviating your performance skills.

At the same time, you can see the change in the presentation of your answers as compared to earlier and decide accordingly which one will fetch you more marks.

How accurate are the question pattern and scoring of marks in the PTE Test?

Are pte mock tests accurate?

  • Questions Similarity & Pattern

PTE Mock Test is often created while keeping in mind the latest question pattern and environment of the test. The mock tests are often very real to the PTE Exam which gives you a clear insight into the PTE Exam.

  • Scorecard Accuracy

Scorecard accuracy is often a much-discussed talk among PTE test takers. Now it is necessary to understand that obviously, it is not possible to use the same software that Pearson uses for evaluation.

The evaluation software used for these PTE Mock Test is created after research and understanding of the Pearson exam. It won’t be wrong to say that the score is not 100% accurate, but it is also true that you always score in the ballpark of the score you get in your PTE Mock Test.

Now that we have explained enough about PTE Mock Test, the question arises how can we attempt a mock test?

How to attempt the Mock Test?

There are a lot of portals, websites that offer mock tests, practice tests for practice and PTE Preparation. Luckily, we are one of the best portals around that come with some great mock test packages.

Our mock test packages are probably the best price in the industry, with accurate scores, live classes, etc which fulfills all your PTE Academic requirements. 

Attempt your PTE mock test today.


Here is a step by step process on how you can attempt the PTE Mock Test :

  1. You need to register by clicking on this link: https://www.ptemocktest.com/signup/
  2. Once signed up, you will receive an activation mail on your mail-id. Click on the activate now button in the mail received to access your account.
  3. Access and purchase one of the packages on the dashboard as per your requirement.
  4. Click on “practice test” and then click on a scored mock test to attempt the test.

The Pearson Test Of English is not so difficult to clear and with ample practice, one can clear it in the first attempt. So practice hard and smart and score well. Best of Luck.

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  1. Great post! i have one question though, i believe i am fairly good in English, do i still need to go for the mock tests, or shall i just go for the exam?

    1. Hi Jenny,
      You have a fair advantage if you believe that you have the right skills in English. Still, I would recommend you to go for the mock tests, as they help you familiarize with the exam pattern and the scoring system, which certainly gives you a boost in confidence.

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