10 things to know before you take PTE exam

by Anjani Shivam October 27, 2017

PTE is often taken as one of the best test of English by non-native speakers. A time arrives where you have done some good preparation and feel that you are ready to appear for the test. However, as an aspirant, you should always keep in mind that just because you prepared well does not mean that you are fully prepared to score a 65+ in PTE. You need to take care of several things before you appear for the test and you also need to ensure that the well aware of the basic points before you appear for the test. Here are a few know it all points related to PTE that can come handy for your first pte exam.

  • The PTE Academic testing room contains test deliver workstations which are separated by partitions. They are also monitored by closed circuit television. You will be assigned a workstation by the test administration when it is the time to begin your test.
  • The duration of the PTE Academic test is around 3 hours. You will see a timer on the upper right corner of the computer screen, which shows time remaining for each section of the test. The timer will change its color to red when there are less than five minutes remaining for the section. You can also hide the timer by clicking on the clock icon with the mouse.
  • Before the test begins, you will see NDA (Non- Disclosure Agreement) on the screen, which states that you are not supposed to disclose, publish or transmit the test. Same terms are also presented to you when you book your test and again when you sign in at the test center.
  • After NDA notification, you will see a welcome screen, which reminds you about the test duration. You will also be given an opportunity to check the equipment before the test begins. The equipment includes a headset with a microphone, keyboard, and mouse. If the equipment is not working, you can ask the invigilator and get it replaced if desired.
  • You must check if the keyboard provided to you is QWERTY keyboard or not. To get acquaintance with the keyboard, you must practice on it before the test.
  • When you see important information about the test, then know the test is about to begin. The timing and instructions for each part of the test are mentioned along with the optional break.
  • During the test, when you click on the “next” button, without giving a response, a warning will appear- “Click no to return and click yes to skip the item and move to the next screen”. If you click yes to skip the item and move to the next screen, you will not be able to return back and will receive zero points for the item.
  • You will also get an optional break, which can be taken after you have completed part 2 of the test. If you decide to take the break, you must leave the testing room for the duration of the break.
  • If you experience problems during the test, raise your hand to gain the attention of the invigilator. The test administrator will come to you.
  • After you have attempted all the questions, click on the “End Exam” button and again raise the hand to gain the attention of the test administrator.
  • After completing the test, return to the reception desk where the test administrator will provide you with an End of Test Confirmation printout. It acts as a confirmation that you have completed online PTE mock test.
  • Before you leave the test center, ensure you take confirmation printout and your belongings which you have submitted at the reception desk.