PTE Exam : What’s new and the new norms at the Pearson exam centre?

February 4, 2021 PTE EXAM

PTE Exam : What’s new and the new norms at the Pearson exam centre?

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2021 has started and we all want to accelerate our life. The same seems to be the case with our PTE Exam plans.
As normalcy is returning to life with the availability of Covid-19 vaccines, PTE aspirants are looking to put their PTE preparation plan in action and clear the PTE Academic. At the same time, Pearson needs to be lauded for their efforts to ensure smooth conductance of the exam and opening the Pearson center under the new guidelines.
So let’s look into the changes that have been introduced and other guidelines that one needs to follow at the Pearson exam center.

Increase In PTE Exam Fee

Pearson officially updated that they will be increasing the exam fee for PTE Exam. Now there wasn’t any specific reason for the increase in exam fees, but looking at history, Pearson does increase their exam fee from time to time. There is a 9% increase in the exam fee irrespective of the country you are living in.
So if you are living in Australia, the test will cost you AUD 375 as compared to AUD 340.
Increase in PTE Exam Fee

Limited Seats At Pearson Venues For PTE Exam

To comply with the new regulations, Pearson has allowed only a few limited test seats per session to ensure the proper distance between test-takers.  So finding a test date can be slightly difficult which is why we always recommend booking your exam in advance for the time being.

Compulsory Masks While Taking PTE Exam.

Now Pearson runs two centers; one that is fully owned by Pearson and others that operates through partner franchises. Although the set of rules are the same for both kinds of test centers, there can be slight relaxation at the Pearson partner centers. Here are some guidelines that need to be addressed :
Wear Mask While Taking PTE Exam
  • All test takers must wear face masks at the premises as well as during the test.

While it is mandatory to wear the face mask even during the exam at Pearson owned centers, there are relaxations at Pearson partner centers.

  • You might need to remove the mask briefly during the check-in process.

This remains the same for both Pearson-owned and Pearson partner centers.

  • It is totally upon the testing center to deny the right to admission in case you are not wearing or carrying the mask.

This remains the same for both Pearson-owned and Pearson partner centers.

Now, the concept of wearing a mask often creates a fear in the mind of PTE aspirants as to how it can affect the speaking activities. It is necessary to understand that the microphone used at Pearson centers is highly effective and won’t interfere with your speaking task types even if you are wearing masks. However, you can also try these small steps to ensure that the masks don’t interfere with your speaking activities.

Tips For Scoring Effectively In Your Speaking Section With Your Mask On

  1. Always wear thin-strapped masks so that your voice doesn’t appear muffled.
  2. Maintain a distance between your mask & microphone to ensure your recording is not getting affected.
  3.  Avoid N-95 masks.
  4. Always use masks with nose clips. Nose clips ensure that there is space between your mouth and masks.

If you consider our experience, we have noticed that wearing masks doesn’t happen to assert any effect on the scoring of the students. However, if you are really uncomfortable with using masks, it is recommended to opt for Pearson partner centers where you might have the liberty to remove the masks while doing speaking activities.

How To Cover The Fear Of Masks

One of the best methods to overcome the fear of masks is by attempting the PTE mock test & PTE practice tests while wearing masks. You can try the mock tests on our website for PTE practice doing so will help you get adjusted to this new normal.

You must get accustomed to the habit of wearing masks in your PTE Study plan. If you need further help you can always opt for the online PTE Coaching with our expert coaches.

So that sums up all the changes that have happened related to PTE Exam in 2021. We hope you found it useful. Don’t forget to leave your comments in case of any doubts.

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