Real PTE Study Master Plan For Guaranteeing 65+ in PTE

October 20, 2021 PTE Study

Real PTE Study Master Plan For Guaranteeing 65+ in PTE

A good PTE Study plan can help you score in the PTE Academic on the very first attempt whereas a bad PTE Study plan can do just the opposite. As test takers, we often undermine the importance of a good study plan and how important it is to decide our target score and then go for it. Now it is true, that we should always aim for the best scores possible, but there is nothing wrong with trying to set a target. 

Today, in this blog we will talk about how you can score 65+ in the Pearson test through this perfect PTE Study Plan. For the target score, you are considering the following scenarios :

  • In PTE Preparation time: You have 12 days to prepare for the exam. We are considering that you have 2 hrs on a daily basis for preparation.
  • Mock Tests & Practice Tests: You have access to at least 5 PTE Scored Mock Tests, 2  Full Length PTE Practice Tests, 12- 20 Section wise tests, 40+ Task types tests ( 2 tests for each task type)
  • Optional: Daily live sessions with PTE Coach who can help you understand the mistakes that you are making in the PTE online practice which can enhance your chance of scoring in the exam.

We are also considering that you have a good command of the English language if not proficient. If you don’t have a command, we recommend taking some time to enhance your English speaking & Writing skills as ultimately PTE is an English language exam. 

Decoding Real PTE Study Plan: Which Task Types Actually Matter In The Test?

After testing it with 1100+ test takers, we can say with a guarantee that if you are looking to score 65+, you need to master these six types. All task types are indeed important but mastering these six task types can easily ensure that you will be able to score 65+.

  1. Read Aloud

  2. Repeat Sentence

  3. Summarize Written Text

  4. R&W: Fill in the blanks

  5. Summarize Spoken Text

  6. Write From Dictation

You can watch this video by our coach Rubbal that will explain to you more about the task types :


With that being said, you need to set up a proper time allotment strategy that you need to assign for each task type in your next 12 days. You have to ensure that you give some extra time to these task types.

You can watch this video that explains the time allotment for each of these task types of the six task types:

Practice With A Strategy : Your Real PTE Study Plan

It is very important that you don’t practice just for the sake of it, but you have practice with an intent to improve and score. You need to ensure that while you do enough practice, you also review the questions you are attempting and how you can improve. Here is how your practice approach should look like :

  • Start your Practice With Read-Aloud task types. Practice at least two PTE tests of the Read Aloud task type with at least 20 questions in each test. 
  • Similarly practice all the task types for the Speaking section which includes: Repeat Sentence, Describe Image, Re-tell Lecture & Answer Short Questions. 
  • Once you have completed the task types test, you must attempt at least three section-wise tests of the Speaking section with a scorecard to understand your skill level in the section and mistakes you are making.
  • Repeat the process for each task type and section of Writing, Reading & Listening. 
  • Once you have completed all the sectional practices, attempt an unscored practice test just to get habitual of the complete exam and to experience it. Please Note: We are not asking you to attempt scored mock tests directly as we don’t want to lower the confidence, in case you don’t get the right score in your scored PTE scored Mock Test, it will only hamper your confidence and preparation strategy. Hence one should practice the full-length practice tests first so as to get used to the complete pattern and test environment.

Take Scored Mock Tests From Day 8

  • You can start attempting Scored PTE Mock Tests from the 8th day of your preparation where you can review and compare your marks for each test attempted and understand what needs to be improved and where you are lagging. 

Did you know we at ptemocktest.com offer written coach feedback for each task type of our scored mock test so that you can understand the mistakes you are making and avoid them in the exam.

Stick To Strategies That Work!

We often see test-takers go through a series of videos available on youtube or any other platform and try multiple strategies in a desperate attempt to score. Your real PTE Study Plan should be built on single tried and tested strategies. Avoid listening to too many lectures and too many coaches. It won’t do any good to you but will certainly hamper your scores and create too much confusion. Try to follow experts/coaches/trainers who can give real strategies that have been tried, tested, and has delivered results. 

For example, The strategies shared with you by our coaches like Rubbal in our 12 days Online PTE Coaching program have been tried and tested on thousands of students which if implemented delivers great results. Listening to and following experts is a great method to score but listening to too many of them can be a disaster. So stick to strategies that work, practice with them and implement them in your practice.

Be Consistent & Regular

It is always important to ensure that once you have started to implement the 12-day PTE Study Plan  (You can also opt for online PTE Classes), you follow it with patience and implement it without any excuses. We often see students fail as they are not consistent. It is important to understand that ultimately it’s an exam and you will have to put in the effort to score in the exam.

Pro Tip: Always ensure to practice at least 10 Read Aloud questions before entering the exam center. It will be a confidence booster and will prepare you mentally for the PTE Exam



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