Tips to improve score in PTE Academic speaking – part II

by Anjani Shivam October 27, 2017

In PTE Academic speaking module’s last post, we talked about the basics of speaking section as well as the subsection read aloud. Today we are going to give subsequent details about the other two sections of the PTE Academic speaking module.

Repeat Sentence

Repeat Sentence subsection often aims at testing the skills of a candidate in the following areas.

  • Ability to speak at a natural rate while at the same time producing fluent speech.
  • Use of correct form of notation, correct pronunciation and stress.
  • Ability to understand academic vocabulary, and the ability to repeat, inform and explain.
  • Ability to speak for a purpose and infer the meaning of unfamiliar words


In the repeat sentence section, only insertion, omission and insertions are considered as an error however issues or voices filled with pauses, trailing content and hesitation are often ignored in terms of scoring.

Some of the important tips that can help you excel in the repeat section are as follows:

  • Whenever an audio is played, just close your eyes and listen to the words with full concentration. While you are listening try to memorize as much as you can and speak the best when it ends.
  • Don’t wait for the beep, there is no beep warning, start speaking as soon as the computer stops speaking.
  • Coffee is a highly suitable antidote for some in case you are looking to raise you concentration levels of the brain.
  • As an individual, we all have an issue with phrasing the lines, in case you are not able to remember it at least give importance to the keywords used in the audio.

The very important thing for you to keep in mind is that you can not succeed until and unless you have accessed your level as a beginner and prepare accordingly with it. It is very important that a proper assessment is done before you start your preparation for pte mock test so that you are well aware of the areas where you need to improve your skills.