30 days timeline for PTE academic preparation- Day One

January 2, 2019 PTE Academic Preparation. PTE Exam, PTE MOCK TEST,

30 days timeline for PTE academic preparation- Day One

So after much thought and actions, you have finally decided that today is the day when you start the PTE academic preparation. You have high hopes that you are going to score a 90+ in the PTE academic. The problem is– since this is your first day; you don’t have any idea about where to start and what to start?

In today’s post, we are going to talk about the basic planning that will set the path for the next 30 days and what you should do on the first day of PTE Academic Preparation.

Start reading & listening for PTE Academic Preparation

The very first thing that one needs to understand is that PTE Academic is an English Language test. So when we talk about a language test it is all about fluency, pronunciation, & your vocabulary build. The better the skills, the more are your chances of scoring. So the very first thing that you need to put in your schedule for the next thirty days is to read English titles and listen to English communicative phrases.

Some of the excellent sources are :

  • BBC documentary,
  • Your Daily English Videos
  • English movies without subtitles
  • English Songs

It is necessary, in fact, compulsory that for the next 30 days you read and listen for an hour on a daily basis. Try reading newspapers loud and clear. Watch movies without subtitles and try to understand what exactly is being said.

This process alone should occupy at least an hour on a daily basis until your exam day.

Start exercising your vocabulary, ptemocktest.com

Vocabularies are necessary if you want to score well. It also doesn’t mean that it is necessary to use a complex word. These vocabularies will help in your fluency as you won’t be short of words when you do tasks like “Describe Image”. On a daily basis take at least 20- 30 days to practice your new words, remember you don’t need to mesmerize it, you need to practice it so that you can use it better.

The best way to do so is to pick words from the editorial section of your newspaper and try to use it throughout the day.

pte mock test, pte academic

PTE Academic is not something that you should take lightly, yes it is true that with good planning & proper practice, one can score good, but you should not take it lightly. Your first step should be to know about what is PTE? What is the scoring pattern of PTE?  How many tasks and sections are there in the PTE question paper? Are the sections related to each other? The very first thing is to take a detailed look. One can go to the official Pearson website and learn about the various sections and subsections. You can also take a detailed look into the various sections by clicking on the various topics  :

Speaking in PTE Academic

Writing in PTE Academic

Reading in PTE Academic

Listening in PTE Academic

Also, try to understand how the scoring pattern works in the PTE Exam. On the first day of your PTE Academic preparation, you should focus on extensive research on the scoring pattern and the criteria of the PTE exam.

You can get a brief detail about the PTE scoring pattern by clicking on this link: https://www.ptemocktest.com/pte-exam-know-your-pte-scoring-pattern-2/

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With these tips, you are set up and ready to move to the next day of your PTE Academic Preparation. 



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