PTE Repeat Sentence : The Lazy Beginners’s Way to How to Score.

October 19, 2019 PTE Repeat Sentence

PTE Repeat Sentence : The Lazy Beginners’s Way to How to Score.

Native or non-native; PTE Repeat Sentence is often challenging to attempt for the test takers. The reason being; it tests your memory, oral fluency, content and pronunciation all at the same time. So in today’s blog, we are going to discuss what is PTE Repeat Sentence & how you can score easily.

Now if you are a first-time test taker, or you are reading about PTE Repeat Sentence for the first time; here is what happens in the Repeat Sentence in the PTE exam:

You get to hear a very short and precise audio which can be a naration or facts. Here is a sample audio question

Once you hear the audio you have to narrate & record exactly the same sentence as in the audio.


What makes PTE Repeat Sentence difficult?

  1.  The accent of the speakers in the audio makes it difficult and tricky for the test-takers.
  2. The audios are non-repetitive that is you can hear the speaker only once and there on you have to memorize it for repeating.
  3. You need to repeat the exact sentence/lecture/narration, in case you are unable to do so, you will be losing marks.

The reason why repeat sentences are considered difficult in the PTE Exam is memorization. If we put it in numbers 90% of your success in Repeat Sentence depends upon your capacity to memorize. Now it is a difficult task. Many of our test takers are not able to memorize the sentences as they are too long. Some of our PTE aspirants also try to use the pen down method of PTE Retell Lecture Task type, but that is not an efficient option. Since the time is so less, its practically not possible.

Taking notes doesn’t work in PTE Repeat Sentence.

Focus & Concentration

Trust me, there is no short-cut to Repeat Sentences. The only way is to concentrate and try to grab most of the lecture. Now in order to enhance your focus and concentration; here is what we can do :

  • Start attempting specific Repeat Sentence PTE Practice Tests.
  • The more you practice, the more you will be getting used to the pattern and system.

Now it is essential to understand that this task type tests your memorizing capacity & if you find it difficult to remember things, you have to practice to boost your memory. You can play brain booster games with different levels to sharpen your memory and increase your concentration.

Go With the Flow Of Speaker

When you are listening to the speaker, try not to focus what the speaker is going to say but rather on what the speaker is saying. If we have to put it into example. We will again take a look into the audio shared above.

Speaker Response in Text Form: Expertise in particular areas distinguishes you from other graduates in a job interview.

pte repeat sentences pte mock test

The other factors that also contribute to your success in Repeat Sentences are Pronunciation and Oral Fluency. Now we have discussed how to improve listening skills in our last blog on PTE Retell Lecture. You can quickly go through the same to get some insights.

Likewise, we also discussed how to improve Oral Fluency in our blog on PTE Read Aloud. It consists of some amazing Do’s & Don’ts that can help you in your PTE Preparation.

PTE Repeat Sentence Q1:

Newspapers across the world are reporting stories of presidents.


PTE Repeat Sentence Q2:

We need to make sure the school principal know about the changes.

PTE Repeat Sentence Q3:

We want to attract the very best students regardless of their financial circumstances.

PTE Repeat Sentence Q4:

The genetic biology technology lab is located at the North Wing of the library.

So, lets put on the practice gears and attempt a few practice tests. Don’t forget to comment and let us know how you did.

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